Satellite-linked camera installed at Columbia Glacier

Written by David Finnegan (CRREL), 07. February 2012

In the Fall of 2011, researchers from the USGS (Dr. Shad ONeel) and CRREL worked to deploy a realtime Iridium web camera at Columbia Glacier. The camera is focused on the central terminus of Columbia Glacier and captures up to 4 images per day in optimal lighting conditions. The camera operated succesfully until late November when it suffered a power failure. We are currently working on a schedule to make repairs to the camera.

Columbia Camera 1, photo 1
New satellite-linked camera installed at Columbia Glacier. Credit: Shad O’Neel, USGS.
Columbia Camera 2, photo 1
Tower with Extreme Ice Survey camera and CRREL satellite-linked camera. Credit: Shad O’Neel, USGS.
Columbia Camera 3, photo 1
Both cameras capture images of the terminus. Credit: Shad O’Neel, USGS.
Columbia Camera 4, photo 1
The cameras are battery powered, with solar panels for charging. Credit: Shad O’Neel, USGS.